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In 2009, a business case recommended that South Australia’s public libraries move to a shared library management system (LMS) – the key system that manages a database of library members & library materials. A project to implement this statewide LMS known as ‘1LMS’ or ‘One Card’ launched in May 2012 & will complete by end of September 2014.

A research study (funded by the LGA’s Research & Development Scheme) to determine the extent to which the benefits outlined in the original business case have been met was completed in July 2014. This study involved surveys, focus groups & interviews with library managers, staff & other stakeholders as well as the examination of system generated data.

The study's full report and summary brochure can be accessed below.

KPPM Final Report 1LMS Review 23-07-2014

1LMS Outcomes Summary Brochure - A4