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About One Card

You only need ‘One Card’

SA library customers can now use any public library across SA with a single card, and have access to over 3 million items.  The ‘one card’ network connects more than 130 public libraries across the State and provides convenient access for the whole community to the entire public library collection.

Borrowing what you want is just a click away

If you've always wanted a wider choice of books, DVDs, CDs and magazines from your local library, you'll find lots to love about the 'one card' network.


To get the quickest access to the millions of items available, simply search our online catalogue and reserve the item you want – it’s easy and free!  When your item(s) become available you’ll be notified by email or SMS and you can pick up from your preferred library location.

Frequently asked questions 

  How do I become a member?

A.   Find out more about joining here.


Q.    Can I borrow and return at any public library across South Australia?

A.     Yes, your library card will allow you to borrow and return at any public library across South Australia.


Q.   Do all libraries on the One Card network offer the same services?

A.  Each library is committed to meeting the particular needs of their local communities so there may be some service differences depending on which library you join (e.g. certain online resources). Check with your local library to find out what's available to you.


Q.   Are lending periods and overdue policies the same for all libraries?

A.   No.  Although participating libraries have many similar policies, there may be variation in some areas.  Lending periods and overdue policies for a particular item you borrow will depend on which library issues you that item. Be sure to read all accompanying receipts that outline due dates.


For more information about the One Card Network see the videos below.

Our launch video - Are you ready for more?


 Our launch video - Are you ready for more?



Just looking for a basic overview? Here's our info video...


Just looking for a basic overview? Here's our info video...